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Hot Noodle:

Gamified Bullying and Harassment eLearn


About the Project

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Professional Development / The Learning Conference "The Show"


Articulate Storyline, Gravit Designer, Google Sheets


Graphic Design, Instructional Design, JavaScript, Google Sheet Formulas, Branding, Interaction Design, eLearning Development

This project was my submission in response to The Learning Conference’s “The Show”! This exciting initiative is a virtual competition where 64 participants battle against each other to win the Best Learning Designer Award.

The Quarterfinals round included a brief from the CEO at Hot Noodle, looking for a digital solution to train her team on bullying and harassment which is interactive and engaging.

"Arise the Noodle Hero" is an engaging, interactive and gamified solution built in articulate storyline 360. The course leverages variables and JavaScript throughout to create a truly bespoke experience for hot noodle employees, including a course leader board. The course is responsive and can be used across any device, however, is optimized for mobile access.

"Arise the Noodle Hero" has been branded in a way to inspire each noodle master to take up the challenge and ensure workplace bullying and harassment, irrespective of cultural backgrounds, is eradicated from hot noodle. "Arise the Noodle Hero" recaps essential information which employees need to know about when it comes to workplace bullying and harassment, including hot noodles' core values. This approach ensures that each noodle master is aware of their responsibilities, what is and isn't defined as workplace bullying, and what to do if they are experiencing or witnessing workplace bullying.

The course uses purposeful micro animations, interactions, and sound effects to surprise and delight the learners to create moments that inspires emotion, engages, and rewards them, whilst making the experience more human. By Leveraging JavaScript, the course is connected to google sheets allowing for live tracking and creation of a bespoke course leader board to further drive engagement.

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