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Liberty City:

COVID-19 App


About the Project

This project was my submission in response to The Learning Conference’s “The Show”! This exciting initiative is a virtual competition where 64 participants battle against each other to win the Best Learning Designer Award.


The first round begins with a brief from a local government called Liberty City who wants a solution made for the general public to learn more about COVID-19. The solution is "A guide to fighting COVID-19".


This solution had some key requirements such as being adaptable to make changes as COVID-19 evolves, appropriate for all ages, and was described with keywords such as vibrant, minimal, and conversational.


As such, I proposed the development of a mobile web-app, curated in GlideApps Pro and Google Sheets to maximise exposure for Liberty City whilst also future-proofing the content and ensuring it was easily updated by the city, whenever something had changed in relation to COVID-19.

Project Info




Web app


Professional Development


GlideApps, Cloudinary, Gravit Designer, Google Sheets


Graphic Design, App Development, Google Sheets Formulas

Project Details
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What it Looks Like

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