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Point Guide:

Community App


About the Project

Point Guide is a responsive mobile app developed in GlideApps, encouraging the local community to explore the neighbourhood. Point Guide is a community-powered index designed to connect the local community by providing locals with a source of information from local places to eat out, businesses, and even a source of recreation through the Point Challenge.

I'm a member of many local community Facebook groups. Over a period of time, I noticed there were a lot of posts by members asking for recommendations of places to eat, dentists, places to explore and more.


So, as non-essential businesses began to shut down and social distancing was implemented to fight against COVID-19 in March 2020, I saw the opportunity to use my newly found free time and expertise using Glideapps - to support the local community with a one-stop-shop place of information.

To compliment the launch of Point Guide, I developed a bespoke micro-site using which serves to facilitate the on-boarding experience of the app. The micro-site also hosts important information such as the privacy policy, terms and conditions and more. Furthermore, I developed a short (1 min) trailer which could be used across social media platforms to promote, engage and spark a sense of curiosity about the app.

Learn more about Point Guide and the journey of development by reading this blog post, or continue to scroll to learn more.

Project Info




Web app


Professional Development


GlideApps, Cloudinary, Gravit Designer, Google Sheets,, Adobe After Effects, Abode XD


Graphic Design, App Development, Google Sheets Formulas, HTML, CSS, Branding, User Interface Design

Project Details

Login and Onboarding

Users can register in Point Guide using their email, or using Google. Once the email (user identifier) is obtained, users can then complete their profile.

Login and Onboarding

User Flow

Point Guide@2x.png
User Flow

Inside the App

Once a user has logged into Point Guide, they will arrive at the Home Page.


  • Profile: Users can view and update their profile at anytime once logged.

  • Stories: The stories are designed so that users can share their experiences in a live format.

  • Your Faves: Based on their saved items.

  • Explore the neighbourhood: Go and explore - find a new fave like a new cafe, restaurant or even a new local business to support.

  • Point Challenge: Explore further - complete challenges to explore new areas of the neighbourhood.

  • Submit a recommendation: Can't find your fave? Submit a recommendation and let other locals find it.

Inside the App

Other Features


All user information is saved here. A repository for their personal information, such as their faves and completed Point Challenges. Users can update their provides at anytime.

Point Challenge:

Explore the neighbourhood further with Point Challenge. A selection of gamified curated challenges. Complete the challenges, earn points and find new locations in the neighbourhood.


One of the main features of Point Guide is the focus to connect locals to the community. Locals can use chat to communicate with each other, make new friends and more.


Promoting local events was an important factor in the build of Point Guide. With a number of cultural events, adding a rolling-calendar to promote these was essential. Locals can also submit their own event to the calendar.

Other Features

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