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Creating Full Screen Image Backgrounds in Articulate Storyline

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

For my solution "Arise the Noodle Hero" as part of "The Show" for the The Learning Conference, I received a lot of questions and comments about my use of full screen background images.

Here's a step by step of how to achieve this in your own Articulate Storyline 360 project.

Plus, be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for part two and three of this series. In these upcoming videos I'll show you how to create a transparent player to immerse your learners into the experience, and how you can use full screen video backgrounds.

Need the JavaScript code? Find it below. Don't forget, you'll need an image URL to place into the code to retrieve your image, and pop it into the tags (as indicated by the yellow italic font below. = "url('your image URL here')"; = "cover"; = "no-repeat";

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