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eLearning Design Inspiration

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

As a Learning Experience Designer, we're expected to develop unique learning experiences which are aesthetically beautiful and engaging, yet informative to change our learners behaviour. This is normally, an easy task - we find inspiration in our subject matter and our inner creative genius shines through in our work.

But, there are times when we struggle to find design inspiration. We've all been there, it's natural and sometimes it feels impossible to overcome creative design block. Whether it's kicking off that new project, or that 3:00pm design fatigue, or perhaps you've been challenged to transform those somewhat lesser inspirational courses into truly engaging courses. Whatever the reason, it's important to know that it happens to the best of us, and how we overcome this is what's important.

So, where do I go to when I'm looking for design inspiration? Scroll down and see my top three go-to's when I'm looking for design inspiration. Do you have your own go-to's? Feel free to share them! is my number #1 go-to for design inspiration. Whilst it may not be the typical eLearning resource, this is where true innovative digital design shines through for me - move beyond the eLearning course, and find out other digital design professionals are creating.

Not only can you find what others are developing, but you'll also find an endless list of resources and a handy blog to read up on design.


What I love about Pinterest is the endless opportunities for design inspiration. Whether you're searching for eLearning design, user experience design, web-site designs and the list goes on.

My recommendation for Pinterest is to develop your own board which you can save your favourite designs to - this will save you time in the future when you need that creative kick-start.


Dribbble (the extra B is not a typo) is a social networking platform for designers to share their work. From showcasing your own work to getting feedback from other designers - if you are a designer, it's so important to keep an eye on what others are creating and where the world of design is moving to. Dribbble is an amazing resource for design inspiration!


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