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From Sea to Sky - A new Challenge

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Taken by Troy Ashman on iPhone X

Since 2010, I have been worked within the hotel, touring (coach) and cruising sectors of the tourism industry. The past nine years of my career have been truly amazing and have presented me with a range of unbelievable experiences, both directly in my career enabling me to combine my love for travel, learning and development, design and technology, whilst giving me the chance to visit the many locations around the world which I have been so lucky to have travelled to.

The hotels, touring and cruising sectors are amazing and I will always remain a true advocate for them. It, quite literally, allows us to see and witness the world and connects us all to the amazing cultures and people around it.

This month, however, marks a new journey within my career as I venture to new heights and transition into the aviation sector of the tourism industry.

I am thrilled, beyond excited and honoured to begin working for Qantas, a truly inspirational business, not only within the tourism industry, but one which encapsulates the Spirit of Australia.

For a long time, I dreamt of working for Qantas as I was inspired by their brand, values and product. But my desire to work for Qantas stems further than just that, but their ability to stand the testament of time in such a dynamic and challenging industry through constant innovation, inclusion and teamwork - inspirational!

Still, true to form for me, this role will be within learning and development, allowing me to again combine my passion for travel, learning and development and design. However, always looking beyond, this role will present new challenges and opportunities for me to step outside of my comfort zone with an amazing bunch of people.

So, here's to a new challenge, a change, a new experience and a new beginning. Change is as good as a holiday they say. The only way is up, and I couldn't be more ready and honoured for this new chapter in my career.


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