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iDesign X 2019 Wrap Up

Last month, I was excited to attend my first ever Learning & Development Conference, iDesign X Live 2019, on Wednesday 27 February 2019 at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

Being my first learning and development conference, I was a little apprehensive of what to expect but was really excited as the focus of the conference was designing learning of the future at work.

The conference gave me lots to think about with so many great presentations by a number of leading learning designers in Australia. Take a look below at my key take-aways from the iDesign X Live 2019 Conference:

Future Readiness Framework:

Jonathan Nalder, Founder of FutureWe took the stage for a Headliner Talk to talk about how in the future 30-70% of jobs will be impacted with a fully digital, automated era and how we can be equipping learners to invent what comes next instead of waiting.

This Headliner Talk was an eye-opener for me and one of my favourites from the entire day. Not only were we confronted with the truth about the future, but given the tools and knowledge to understand how to overcome these. The Future Readiness Framework is a fantastic tool to prepare for thinking beyond today whilst giving best practice ideas from what works to empower learners and us as designers.

I would highly recommend completing the Future Readiness Framework Survey to test your future readiness. You can read more about FutureWe and the framework here.


The Power of VR-Video Combo in Delivering Learning Outcomes

Now this Trailblazer Session by Judith Hewitson, Interactive Learning Scenario Specialist, Reality Learning really had me excited as I am constantly looking for ways to employ VR and video narrative to deliver both immersive and engaging training.

It was so great to see how others are using VR within their training to achieve greater outcomes in empathy, motivation, deep learning, attitude and behaviour change.


Voice Experience Design: Giving Your Learning a Voice

This Trailblazer Session by Cath Ellis, Learning Experience Designer, Cath Ellis Learning Design had me rather intrigued on how this new Voice technology could be applied to my areas of learning and development. Whilst I'm not sure there is an immediate application available for me, this session did not disappoint and was so interesting to see how someone is leveraging emerging technologies.


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