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Learning 2020 - Day One: Key takeaways

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

This morning I tuned into day one of the Learning Guilds' Learning 2020 Online Conference. The Learning conference, along with DevLearn, have both been on my 'most go-to' conference list for years. For various reasons, I haven't had the opportunity to make the journey. But, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Learning 2020 pivoted to an online environment. This presented a great opportunity to take part in the conference, and it did not disappoint!

If you haven't registered yet for Learning 2020, you can register for free at

So, what were my key takeaways?

  • We need to change our mindset to solve business challenges, not learning challenges.

  • We need to find and align with champions in ecosystems to create change through learning, rather than developing an intervention because we're asked to do so.

  • We need to become strategic business partners, and move away from order takers.

  • Learning Leaders champion a culture of learning and act as a role model for that culture.

  • Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, curiosity, taking on the impossible and a natural spark are important traits in developing learning leaders.

  • The best way for us to earn respect from the business is to speak their language, measure impact on business metrics not learning data.

  • When managing your career, offer your loyalty to good leaders, not to companies.

  • Learning experiences should increase learners' critical thinking and reflection.

  • As learning leaders, we have an ethical responsibility for the people who work for you.

  • We have the ability to transform not just our teams, a company, but the lives of millions of people.

  • Outskilling, upskilling, and reskilling are ways in which we can help those in the industry.

I'm super excited for day two of the Learning 2020 Online conference! With two more days to go, I highly encourage you to register for the conference via


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