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Learning 2020 - Day Two: Key takeaways

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Today marked the second day of the Learning 2020 Online Conference. Another day of learning, personal and professional reflection, and growth! Check out my key takeaways and highlights from the sessions this morning.

  • Psychological safety is key to team performance.

  • Practicing shows an investment in team success. The corporate world needs to explore the art of practice, like elite sportspeople and artists.

  • Navigating through the coronavirus pandemic requires us to have the ability to let go of what was, and deal with what is.

  • The coronavirus pandemic has placed an increased need for leaders and learning & development to strengthen relationships and build a sense of community.

  • People currently feel disengaged and less like they are part of a team because of the pandemic. We need to leverage frameworks to build a safe, professionally challenging, and collaborative environment that breaks down silos.

  • We need to create a culture and environment for learning, within our team and broadly across the organisation.

  • Love what you do but be a people-first leader. Connect and build a relationship, nurture, and build skills, spend time in one-on-one interactions, build a team environment.

  • Authenticity in leadership is key.

  • Learning and development need to focus more on competency and improvement when designing, developing, and building learning.

  • Learning and development need to build learning which focuses on all of the 5 (five) moments of need, from when learning for the first time, through to when something changes.

  • Curiosity and empowerment are critical in making decisions and executing at speed.

Tomorrow, we move into day three of the Learning 2020 Online conference! Learning 2020 has been such an awesome journey of personal growth and development. If you tuned in to day two of the conference, let me know what your key takeaways were.

"We have the ability to change people's lives for the better".
David Kelly, Executive Vice President, Executive Director - The Learning Guild