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Learning to Glide in isolation

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Well, hasn't the beginning of 2020 been a bit different? From bush fires ravaging the country to the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world. The outcome of the latter is unlike anything we've seen before. Like so many of my colleagues within the travel industry, I have been stood down during this time. My wings have been temporarily clipped as the flying kangaroo takes a rest from the skies to ensure the survival of the organisation.

...use this time to upskill myself, learn a new skill, master tools and bunker down on my university studies.

Sure, I've been stood down, so it's easy to sit around at home and binge-watch Netflix or eat endless amounts of chocolate (hey, it was just Easter!). But, I decided to use this time to upskill myself, learn a new skill, master tools and bunker down on my university studies - I made a commitment to myself to be productive. Of course, we all need to take a break, watch that Netflix series and catch up with friends (virtually) - but let's keep those brains ticking during this time. Let's take a look at what I've been up to.

My Journey with GlideApps

I absolutely love GlideApps - the ability to create a smartphone web-app without code, via a Google Sheet. I've been using GlideApps for the past 6 months to develop bespoke web-apps to support instructor-led training events as well as creating apps to support industry-based expo events - giving our learners a wealth of information in their pockets.

I've always wanted to learn how to gamify the experience - build in challenges and reward learners / users with points on a leaderboard. Well, thanks to GlideApps and it's data editor, along with some formulas in Google Sheets - this is exactly what we can do!

Point Guide
Point Guide - Stay tuned for the demo.

Introducing Point Guide - an app I've been working on during isolation to learn more about GlideApps.

The app allows locals within my community to find out information about the area, from local walks and parks to places to eat out, local businesses and a moving in guide. Locals can even add in their own recommendations by filling out a simple form. But thanks to the in-built data editor, locals can compete against each other in a friendly Amazing Race inspired challenge section - all they have to do is create a profile, select a challenge and complete it - then they'll earn points!

Gamifiying the app has been a challenge, but one that I've really loved experimenting with and I cannot wait to release this app to the locals. The potential is endless with this app, especially surrounding the challenges - thanks to cloudinary and it's built in editor, locals can even be rewarded with badges once completing challenges. I'm even exploring the possibility to integrate the apps with Zapier, allowing automation of tasks such as sending drip campaigns based on actions.

Beyond this, there's even the ability to reward locals with tangible rewards, such as generating a unique QR code (or barcode) per challenge completed, unlocking discounts and vouchers for local businesses - further driving a sense of community. This is something I'm really excited to try.

But, how does this relate to L&D?

Well, our modern learners expect modern tools and experiences. We've all got a smartphone, and truth be told - we barely put them down. So, why not give them something which is available directly on their phones?

The power of using challenges within these apps is something that I cannot wait to experiment with. Let's push these apps to their full potential and engage our learners like never before. We've got the opportunity to provide them with pre-event information to get them engaged and excited. Give them challenges to complete during face-to-face training events, and reward them with points, badges and even tangible rewards. But most importantly, continue that engagement post-event to embed the learnings and create that change in behaviour. Target them with drip campaigns, to create loyalty and purposeful actions.

... provide an even greater learning experience for the learners of today, tomorrow and the future.

There really is a whole world of potential out there, thanks to the no-code tool, GlideApp - we just have to dedicate the time to explore them, better ourselves and keep those brains active to provide an even greater learning experience for the learners of today, tomorrow and the future. Together, we can free the world of boring training and meet real outcomes - but it's up to us to make that change.


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