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New Year. New Look.

Well hello, 2020 is well upon us and it appears that I've been pretty busy over the past few months since my last post. We're already half-way through March and I'm sure the remaining of the year will be equally as busy.

This website has always been a passion project for me. I've frequently referred to it as my playground - a place for me to express myself, share my work and experiment with ideas - all free from the corporate realms of branding and time investment. Since launching this site, I've made gradual changes to the look and feel, but always aimed at keeping true to what this website is all about, who I am and what I like.

So, what's different now?

Cleaner look and feel.

Whilst there was nothing wrong with the previous look and feel, I thought it was time to take a look at how user experience design impacts the experience you have with my website, whilst also looking at refining my brand - from colour to fonts and imagery.

Bring focus to my designs.

A key call out of my previous design was to enhance the way in which I present my designs - both within my Portfolio section and the individual projects which are showcased. This review included refreshing the content which was presented on my website by adding in new examples, including insight into the skills and platforms used and also splitting out my content from eLearning to video production and more.

What's coming?

Well, I can't give away too much but you'll begin to hear a lot more from me via my blog. I'm planning on giving you a deep-dive on how I create projects, hacks and quick-wins which I've taught myself when using Storyline 360 to key tips and tricks of eLearning design. Be sure to check back soon!


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