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The Show - First Submission

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Earlier this month, I was accepted into The Learning Conference’s “The Show”! This exciting initiative is a virtual competition where 64 participants battle against each other to win the Best Learning Designer Award.

If you missed this blog post, click here to take a read and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel ( so you get notified to vote for my projects!

Well, things are moving quickly and last night, I submitted by first submission for Brief 1. So, what exactly did our first brief see us creating? Keep scrolling to find out more!

The Brief

The first round begins with a brief from a local government called Liberty City who want a solution made for the general public to learn more about COVID-19. The solution is to be called "A guide to fighting COVID-19".

This solution had some key requirements such as being adaptable to make changes as COVID-19 evolves, appropriate for all ages and was described with key words such as vibrant, minimal and conversational.

Key Questions to Address

Our proposals should cover three key questions, and of course, the project specs from the client. The three key questions were;

  1. What tool this would be built-in

  2. Why is this solution the best option for the client

  3. How can this solution be future-proofed

My Solution

What tool this would be built-in?

Liberty City: A Guide to Fighting COVID-19
Liberty City: A Guide to Fighting COVID-19

This tool would be built using GlideApps Pro and Google Sheets - a tool which is used to develop mobile responsive web-apps. This tool pulls content from Google Sheets which acts as the CMS (Content Management System) which the client will use to add, edit and delete content with ease. Thanks to GlideApps Pro, the app will pull data in real-time, ensuring the citizens of Liberty City have the latest information available to them about the pandemic.

Why is this solution the best option for the client?

Liberty City: A Guide to Fighting COVID-19
Liberty City: A Guide to Fighting COVID-19

This solution leverages a mobile-friendly approach meaning it is accessible across any device. This approach ensures that Liberty City has the potential to reach as many of their citizens as possible, including those whom might prefer desktop-based content. The client can easily deploy this app to its citizens by using a short URL or a QR-code thus ensuring maximum exposure.

The solution provides a central portal of information for the citizens of Liberty City including daily case numbers, latest news and advice, practical information to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in order to flatten the curve but most importantly - constant calls to action to prompt its citizens to be tested, should the have any potential symptoms. Thanks to the in-built symptom checker, citizens can also complete the questionnaire and see if they may have COVID-19.

Overall, this tool has been designed to alleviate the negative emotional connotations of COVID-19 by using bright colours and a minimal design approach.

How can this solution be future-proofed?

Liberty City: A Guide to Fighting COVID-19
Liberty City: A Guide to Fighting COVID-19

By nature, this tool has been designed to be future-proofed. Thanks to its integration with Google Sheets, the client can easily add, remove or edit content easily, without needing to code. The tool is responsive to any device meaning citizens have flexibility of choice. As the app is web-based, the content is automatically updated irrespective of the citizens operating system and without the need of updating or re-installing the app.

What's next?

Stay tuned for your opportunity to vote for my project and hopefully round two!


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