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The Show - Semi finals Round

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

We're now onto the semi finals round of The Learning Conference’s “The Show” - where 64 participants battle against each other to win the Best Learning Designer Award. Let's see what this round had us creating. I am blown away to have reached the semi finals round of "The Show" and I am truly so thankful for everyone's support.

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The Brief

This brief is from Bob at "Fresh Supermarket" who is looking for a digital "just-in-time" solution which empowers their teams to remain up to date on their evolving policy changes.

Questions to address within the brief

The solution should cover the following three questions:

  • Why this solution was chosen

  • How it would be implemented

  • How the choice of tool and the recommended approach helps

  • Estimated budget

My Solution

For my solution, I proposed an innovative knowledge management and learning solution comprising of both an eLearn and a chatbot named Joy @ Fresh.

Thanks to the power of JavaScript and API connections, Google Sheets will act as the singular source of truth. Content is pushed, in real time, to both digital solutions (eLearn and Joy @ Fresh) - ensuring the team at Fresh remain up-to-date on the evolving policy changes. One source of truth, two digital solutions - naturally simple!

The course itself has been customised to truly replicate the Fresh branding, with a full-screen video background and Joy @ Fresh coded into the page; making her accessible at anytime through the course.

Keep reading for your chance to give the course a whirl yourself!