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Top 10 graphic design trends for 2019

New year, new designs, new trends. This time of year could be considered as one of my favourite as we begin to understand and see what was, and what's to come or shall we say, what will be 'on trend' in the realm of graphic design.

Graphic design within ELearning is vitally important to the overall learning experience. Okay, we may not need to be graphic designers or have access to all the latest and greatest graphic design software. But, understanding the role graphic design plays leads to a greater sense of user experience and ensures the entire project is aesthetically pleasing. Afterall, it's 2019... no one wants to view a course with inconsistent text styles, poorly designed word art styles, images slapped together or 1980's clip-art styles meshed with 4K images. Our learners are savvy - they know what is out there and level of expectation... it's our job to strive towards it and achieve this.

Here is the Top 10 graphic design trends for 2019 by 99Designs:

I am personally most excited to see where #4 and #5 end up.


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