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Using Glideapps as a learning tool

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Are you a learning designer who is looking to create your own bespoke app? Perhaps you don’t know where to start? Or, maybe you don't have the budget to engage a developer and build one from scratch. Well, whatever scenario is, you’ll want to get curious, sign up for Glideapps, and watch the two videos below.

I've been exploring Glideapps for around a year now. I’ve built a number of apps for both professional and personal situations. It's an awesome no-code tool that you can use to create progressive-web apps for a range of contexts.

I shared a post surrounding an app that I developed called Point Guide. You can learn more about it by clicking this link. Or, if you want to read about my journey of self-development with Glideapps, click this link.

I recently caught up with Kim Tuohy from Belvista Studios as part of 'The Belvista Studios' Show' to share my experiences building an app as a non-developer, the tools, and resources I use to develop apps. I also gave a sneak-peak at a new onboarding app which I'm curating. Check out our session below:

In August, I caught up with the extremely talented Cath Ellis as part of her 'The Learning Pro Live' series to discuss Glidapps and showcase Point Guide. Check out our chat below: