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Interactive eLearning, mobile apps and video.

Great eLearning experiences begin with great challenges. You'll love the creative and engaging designs empowering your learners reach their potential. Here are some of the services on offer.

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Bespoke eLearning experiences

Combining custom visual design and branding, animation, learning objectives and interaction - your learners will engage with a bespoke eLearning course built Articulate 360's suite of apps including Storyline and Rise, all SCORM and/or xAPI compatible.


Animated learning videos

Bring content to life and allow media to tell a story to your learners from whiteboard designs to flat contemporary animated designs. Options are endless for creation and deployment, animated videos can used within eLearning, for marketing and explainer videos.​


Gamification design

Learning should be engaging whilst educational. Gamification increases engagement and provides results. Let your learners explore, test their knowledge and more with custom-built gamification​ elements within the specific courses; all designed to embed learning objectives.

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Responsive learning apps

Learning should be accessible and responsive to any device. The modern learner requires responsive learning experiences built within Articulate Rise or even custom-built web-apps via GlideApps - all without restricting the bespoke experience.


Blended learning experiences

Blend the learning experience for maximum impact - Learners will engage in a blend of both digital learning and instructor-led training, to create a stronger connection with the objectives and transfer of information.


Printed learning resources

Print workbooks and job aids don't need to be bland, non-inspirational and static. Using gorgeous imagery and interactive elements - printed learning materials will rival eLearning in design and delight learners.​

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