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Qantas: Exploring Aircraft Cabins

Exploring aircraft cabins is an interactive series of eLearning courses which helps the industry understand the features and benefits of each cabin onboard Qantas' fleet - both domestically and internationally.

The project featured key goals: how to illustrate the differences amongst the product offering without creating duplicate courses? How to illustrate the customer journey of each cabin offering? And, how to engage learners with the courses through purposeful visual design?

Our learners are presented with a clean, modern and simplistic navigation interface without the use of "next" and "back" buttons, branding. Complete with a range of engaging interactions throughout the course including click-to-reveals, beautiful imagery, micro-interactions and finally, engaging videos to further illustrate the product offering.

Exploring aircraft cabins was built using Articulate Storyline and Gravit Designer and published to over 10,000 travel agents around the world.






Articulate Storyline



Graphic Design, Instructional Design, eLearning Development, Branding

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Qantas: Exploring Aircraft Cabins
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